Parents in Action


Parent Involement

Education succeeds best when there is a strong partnership and communication between home and schools. As key players in the education of their children, parents are involved in developing a policy which will achieve maximum effectiveness in the ties between home and school so that children will benefit from their time at school and the services provided by the Title I, Part A program. You can download a copy of the policy in the resources above.

Family Guidance & Outreach Center

The mission of the Family Guidance & Outreach Center of Lubbock is the prevention of child abuse and neglect throughout the South Plains. More information is available in the Resource Section. 

Online Safety

To help kids maximize the Internet's benefits -- while minimizing the risks. Click here learn more.

Parent Portal

Stay up to date with your child's grades and attendance.  Download Parent Portal Instructions in the Resources section.

Community and Student Engagement

Download chart found in theResources section.

Parent and Family Engagement

Please visit this link for information regarding Title 1 Satewide SS/FACE Initiative.